TIP: Please make sure to read Getting started with programming tasks first. Also, please make sure that you test your task before sending it to potential candidates, either by inviting yourself or someone knowledgeable in the specific technology to the test.

If you are looking for more than predefined tasks, try implementing your own programming tasks. You'll find all you need to know here.

This article will answer questions of a more technical nature. It relates to the information necessary for successfully uploading your tasks to your TalentScore account. 

The first step in the process of creating a task is configuring it. You can configure your programming task by creating a Devskiller project descriptor.  To find everything related to the project descriptor please follow this link

For a quick find related to uploading tasks in various technologies follow the appropriate link: 

  1. iOS with Xcode

  2. Bash

  3. Terraform

  4. Java/Groovy with Gradle

  5. JavaScript with NPM

  6. Android with Gradle

  7. C#/.NET with MSBuild

  8. Java with Maven

  9. Go with Glide

  10. Ruby with Rake

  11. Node.js with NPM

  12. C#/.NET Core with dotnet

  13. C/C++ with CMake

  14. Python with pip and setup.py

  15. Scala with SBT

  16. PHP with Phing

  17. Ruby on Rails with Rake

  18. Flutter

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