To assess skills appropriately, TalentBoost provides different ways to evaluate the knowledge of your workforce. We differentiate skills by scale.

  • Gradation scales

  • Requirement checklist scale

  • Dependable requirement checklist

Gradation scale

The score is incremental, which means that the highest level of knowledge consists of all the levels in between. It is a classic grading scale that occurs in general education systems.

Requirement checklist scale

This means a skill has a strict list of requirements you need to acquire to get a maximum score. Each element of the list is independent and has a proportional influence on the total score. Elements of the list can be treated as a subskill of the evaluated skill.

Dependable requirement checklist

This scale combines both of the scales above, which enables building dependencies between the regular checklist elements. This approach highlights the importance of preceding subskills (elements of the list). This means that one omitted subskill at the beginning of the list will significantly impact the total score. The subskills preceding the omitted subskill won't be counted (even if the employee possessed them, and you will have to acquire the missing skills to get the higher score).

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