The map is structured in a way that allows you to overview not only the skills you possess from different perspectives (category, domain group, or skill level and relations of skills) but also the entire inventory of skills.

  • Map interface

  • Filter

  • Search

  • Browse

  • Relations

Map interface

You can locate skills within the map in the search bar at the top of the page.

The right collapsible panel allows you to browse the map by structure or see details of selected elements.

On the bottom right, there are plus and minus buttons to zoom in and out (or use keyboard dash “-” and plus “+” keys instead).


It is recommended to get familiar with the filters to get the most out of the map.

Filter by:

Active: Skills that are set by managers as most relevant from the company perspective

Inactive: Skills that are set by managers as hidden from the default view

Measured: Skills that have at least one rated score level

Unmeasured: Skills that the score was not rated

Core skill: Skill that is necessary to possess in a particular skill set for a particular job.

Additional skills: Optional skills or skills that are not mandatory for a given skill set relevant for a particular job.

1st grade of ease: Skill that has an intermediate connection (by the skill map structure or is influenced by other skills), with a skill you already possess.

2nd grade of ease: Skill that is only one step away from a skill that you already possess.

Recommended: Skill that is needed or desirable on a team/company level.

Type of score: Source of score, TalentScore, Manager or self-assessment

Company structure: Teams that are created for better organization


Type your search criteria to easily locate skills.


Use the right panel for browsing the skills catalog or navigate within the map by zooming and clicking on the interesting elements (skills, groups, etc.).


Some skills are related to each other. A relation is directional: either one skill influences (knowing one skill makes it easy to learn another) or is superior to the other.

Relations are visualized with directional arrows after the skill when relations is selected.

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