There are many reasons why you should use TalentBoost:

  • Better management of company assets (accurately locate strengths and weaknesses of the people involved in the company operations)

  • Long, and short term planning (projects, career and education paths)

  • Engagement (let your employees expand their skills and knowledge)

  • Standardised evaluation process that is based on data

Better management

The following key factors are crucial to a high performing organization:

  • Seamless communication and

  • High level of engagement

  • Working together towards shared goals

TalentBoost is here to help you allocate your resources and utilize your organization’s full potential.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your organization allows you to translate it into company advantages on the market (new services, products or general innovation).

Long, and short term planning

One thing is for certain, plans constantly change as local and global markets never stop evolving. Understanding your current company skill base will assist you in planning new hires and efficient project involvement. With our filtering feature, you can easily extract data that can be utilized for your needs. With dashboards and skill map overview, you can easily identify skill gaps that are urgent to close in the short or long term, either by new recruitment or educational programs (read on learning materials).


Keeping engagement levels high can be difficult especially when burnouts and misfit assignments are happening on a regular basis. TalentBoost allows you to better project fitting and personalize career or education paths based on the employee skill sets. Use a map filtering to find out what skills are close to being unlocked by each employee (or group of people). Use projects to combine people with the right skills required to execute and get the desired outcome.


Evaluation of somebody's performance is always challenging. Usually, it is based only on subjective feelings, which rarely includes personalized skill improvements and employee learnings. Including skill tracking is beneficial for employee engagement. This feature allows them to focus on growth and see their progress over time with their self-assessments input. Skills updates can be self-initiated or regularly requested. Basing evaluation on the skill change of employees makes the process more clear. Knowing which metrics are important, along with employee skill improvements will help bring about company growth.

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