For the best skill management, all skills must be categorized and follow the structure rules:

  1. No redundancy - one entity in the whole skill inventory

  2. Skills are placed in the lowest structure level, which is skill groups (read more about structure)

  3. Skills are in groups; groups are in domains, domains are in categories, categories are top-level structures

Definition of a skill:

  • Name - should be unique and follow general naming conventions

  • Description - should be short and descriptive

  • Location - skill should be categorized in a way that other peers could easily find (If the skill could fall in many categories, the most common should be chosen)

  • Type of scale (can be default gradation scale or custom, read more about the advanced type of scales)

  • Relations with other skills (a skill dependent on or is a prerequisite for other skills)

Adding a skill

Go to the skill manager page and add the skill to an existing structure.

Click on the add skill button and fill in the necessary fields.

Or create a new structure.

Depending on the needs “Add group of skills”, or domain or category. By clicking on the appropriate button within the existing structure.

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