As a manager, you can add employees to TalentScore and optionally assign them to:

  • Team

  • Position and seniority

  • Manager role

  • Skillset

Go to the people page and click on the “add employees” button.

Add employee

Type the email address in the field. Optionally: (read a pro tip to speed up the work)

  • Mark employee as manager (read more on this role)

  • Choose a team from a list (read more on team creation)

  • Choose a position and seniority level (read more on position and seniority setup)

  • Choose a skill set assessment list (read more how to create skill set)

Click on “add another employee” to add the next user.

Pro tip!

You can speed up filling these optional fields by selecting the cell, dragging it by the small blue box, and copying it to the fields above and below it.

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