As a user, you can add skills from various places on the application:

  • User profile

  • Career

  • Learning materials

  • Skill Map?

As manager you have more options:

User profile

Go to Profile Page. On this page, find the section “Additional skills.” At the end of the list, click on the “add skill” button.

From a skill dialog box, find the skill you want to add and choose the level based on how well you subjectively think you can perform with that skill.


Find a skill you know and click on the “rate your knowledge” button. Choose and set the score level of this skill.

Skill map

Explore the map, and once you find a skill you know, you can click and rate how well you know and can use that skill. Once rated, it will be added to your profile.

Learning materials

Find an interesting skill you want to learn by exploring the learning materials available on Talent Boost. Here, you can rate your knowledge or get a test.

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