Adding a video capture input is easy and also simple to do. It can be added to any section of a test as many times as necessary. The video recorded by the candidate will appear in the test report.

To add a video capture input, you have to log into the application first. Then, go to the tests section and select the test that you would like to add a video input. Do this by clicking on “edit”. When you are in the edit mode, click on “add static element” and then choose “input field". Finally, set the “Input type” to “Video capture” in the input field edit window.

Furthermore, you can configure this field a little more. Adding text in the “Label” field will add a title for that field in the test, and the “Description” field will add a description. You can also set the field as “Required” if you would like to make sure that the candidate records it.

This is how it looks like from the candidate’s perspective:

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