With the Candidate Self Invite feature, you are able to set up a link to multiple tests. Through this page, your candidates can pick which test they would like to take from a group of tests that you've chosen.

To set up your own landing page, go to the Tests section and click on "Your landing pages," then click "New landing page" as shown below.

You will then need to name your landing page and the job position that the page is for, then select who will receive notification emails (Owner) and which of your tests that you would like to be available. The landing page is defaulted to active, but by unchecking the "Active" box, you can disable your landing page. Note: if you have no tests in the "Your tests" section, there will be no tests to choose from.

Your landing pages section will now display your new landing page along with a URL that you can add to your job posting. This landing page will appear to candidates as shown below.

You can also edit or delete already existing landing pages:

If you would like to add your own customized URL ending, just contact your representative!

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