integration allows you to assess the skills of your candidates as a part of the Workable workflow. Using this integration you will be able to invite your candidates to the tests (which you have prepared at Devskiller) through The results will appear in Workable, allowing you to complete a scorecard and approve/reject candidates. 

Devskiller Panel

The first step is to login to your Devskiller account and click on  Your profile >> Integrations. On this page, you will see a Workable integration option. 

How to connect your Workable account with Devskiller:

  1. Generate and copy the API Key
  2. Login to your Workable account and head to your Integrations page
  3. Locate and select Devskiller in the list of available integrations and paste your API Key in the Key field
  4. Click Update Settings and you're good to go. The integration with Devskiller is now enabled.

You can find instructions on how to assign a Devskiller test to a stage in this guide.

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