SmartRecruiters Panel

The first step is to login into your SmartRecruiters account and navigate to Settings >> Configurations >> API / Integrations to acquire the API Key. Generate and copy the key.

TalentScore Panel

Once you have the API key login to your TalentScore account and click on  Settings >> Integrations. On this page, you will see a SmartRecruiters integration option. Paste in the given API Key copied from the SmartRecruiters app. Click "Save API Key". You will then see "Configure SmartRecruiters Jobs mapping". After clicking it you can configure mappings between SmartRecruiters Jobs and TalentScore exams. For the job positions, you would like to provide a TalentScore assessment just click the desired test and it will be available. If you don't want to use our platform for a particular job, you can always return to this window and select the "No mapping" option.

How it works

  1. For every candidate who applies for a job for which you've configured exam mapping and are in the "Skills Test" status, TalentScore will automatically send an invitation to the exam. You will see that the candidate in the SmartRecruiters panel has automatically been tagged with the "Devskiller Invite Sent" tag. 

  2. After a candidate has finished the test, TalentScore will automatically evaluate the assessment, and once complete the candidate will be tagged with "Devskiller Results Ready". Devskiller will also move the candidate to the "Test Assignment" status and also upload a file containing the achieved score and a link to a full report of the assessment. 

  3. If a candidate isn't able to take the exam in the set time you'll see the "Devskiller Invite Past Due" tag. To invite the candidate once again simply remove the "Devskiller Invite Sent" category.

NOTE: Our integration requires the “Skills Test” to be in the default stage of the hiring process, which is an “In-Review” stage.

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