At TalentScore you have the possibility to create a plain project. What that means is that the candidate will be able to write code in any language using our built-in browser IDE. 

Important: Using this feature you will create and check the programming task by yourself, without an automatic evaluation.

Now let's do it together step by step:

First step

You need to create a zip file on your computer, which will contain an empty file or the file necessary for your task code. For example, we need to create a JavaScript task. For this purpose, we create a file with the necessary filename extension and put it into the archive.

Second step

Create a new programming task and fulfill the necessary information in general settings.

Third step

Now you can go further to the Programming project. Select Plain type > Upload the project zip file > Set project details > Press the Save button.

At this step, you have the opportunity to choose whether you want the candidate to work in the single file mode or not. Note that if you choose the single file mode, your candidate will be able to edit only one file in the whole project.

Now this task is ready to be sent to the candidates. Using this feature, you can edit any project source without build and automatic verification capabilities. Note that the candidate will not be able to build the project during the exam.

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