The Candidate Details section offers comprehensive information regarding the invited candidate presented in a graphical way.

Personal Details 

In the Personal Details section in the top left corner, you will find all the basic information regarding the candidate, such as their name, status of their last taken test, the person to whom the candidate was assigned, financial expectations,

and notice period.


In the top right corner, there are buttons that can help you with editing the candidate’s profile. Here you can add a note about the candidate, which is visible to the whole team. Also, you can delete the profile and check the full report.


On the left, you can find the list of the tests that the candidate has been invited to, together with the information of how many days ago the invitation was sent. Furthermore, you can easily send the candidate a test invite by clicking the button      +Add Invitation. 


To see the detailed information and test report just click on the necessary test.

The Summary section displays the candidate's results in an easy to review, graphical way. It shows the candidates overall score (expressed both in points and in percentages) as well as charts that show:

  • Candidate's score compared to the scores of other candidates who have taken the same test

  • Candidate's score for each one of the skills covered by the test

  • Candidate's score depending on the task difficulty level (easy, medium or hard)

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