There are many features on TalentScore that will help you make a decision on a candidate once they have completed a test, below they are listed and how they can be used.

Test Report: This is a printer-friendly report which can be anonymized and sent to another HR/Dev within the company who can help to make a decision. It is displayed in an easy-to-read way meaning a decision can be made quickly. 

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Watch the recording of a test: If enabled on your account, you will be able to watch a recording on the candidate's test. This will let you see how the candidate has answered the test and is a great opportunity to see how they think and their mindset.

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Programming task:  The fact that we not only check the input/output of a candidate's code means you can delve deeper into the candidate's answer for the programming task. We display many different metrics that will help to analyze the candidates' answers. 

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Security features: Devskiller takes security incredibly seriously and with our platform, we have many features that can check to see if it is the correct candidate taking the test and ensure they are answering the test honestly.

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Compare candidates: There are a few ways to compare candidates, one way many of our users decide to implement is to test the inhouse dev team. This means you can use them as a benchmark and compare any new candidates against them, it will show if they are up to scratch and will meet your level. 

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If have any questions about a candidate's test, you can always contact us at and we will gladly answer any questions you may have. 

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