If your plan includes Single Sign-On (SSO) it is possible to configure it in two steps.

Identity provider configuration

On your identity provider (IDP) administration panel register a new SAML application using the parameters below:

Below you can find links to popular providers and their setup guides:

TalentScore configuration

Next, on the TalentScore app Navigate to Settings -> Company Settings. In the "SAML Configuration" section:

  1. Select the checkbox "SAML Enabled". 

  2. Paste the federation metadata into "SAML Metadata XML" field.

  3. If your IDP keeps the user email in a different field than the "nameID" you can paste it into  "SAML Username attribute"

Authenticating with SAML:

  1. The entry URL to the system is visible on the SSO configuration page, and usually, it's equal to https://your_company.my.devskiller.com

  2. Users are not allowed to log in using the password or reset the password. However, the account owner can still fully access the password-based authentication.

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